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Our students and parents say the most flattering things! Read what they have to say about our imaginative approach to education.

Thanks for being a great teacher, My son's self-esteem has improved and he is feeling less apathetic and depressed in general. I attribute that 100% to his school experience, cuz nothing else has changed ;)

I felt like he (my son) has finally found his footing and is getting an education now. He didn't know what an education was before.

SL (mother)
Easier, Better, More fun

SM (enriched grade 7)
This is the best year ever. I never really wanted to come to school before coming here.

KC (grade 11)
Its a regular school, only better. Its easier to learn here.

AF (grade 5)
I want to award Mr Hamm for being “the best teacher” because he is. He explains everything clearly. I like him because he has a very big sense of humour.

(grade 7 ESL)
Lessons are fun because you can learn ahead.

Every time I enter the school I just feel better - so reinvigorated, enthused. There's just a great energy.

JC (visitor)
It's a lot better because of the hot lunch and you can stay in and do tomorrows work