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Focus Weeks

Five lenses to see the world through.

Each Avante Focus week is an opportunity for our regular students, and other interested visitors, to look at parts of the regular grade-appropriate curriculum through the lens of a specific theme. Lessons will include field trips, hands on activities, and even some special guests. We actually do this more often than five times a year, but not always at predictable times.

Each Focus week runs Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. Fields trips will meet at the school, travel by bus or bicycle, and return to the school.

Focus Week: Film & Story Telling Dates: TBA
Participants will write and produce their own short film using the principles of narrative or documentary to tell a story of their choice related to one or more curricular themes.

Focus Week: Ceramics & 3D Design Dates: TBA
Participants will learn ceramic design with an amazing professional Vancouver artist. Mathematical, historical, environmental, and practical considerations of design will be discussed and researched in ways relevant to the curriculum and interests of the participants.

Focus Week: Engineering Dates: TBA
Students will look at the physics, mathematics, ergonomics, and environmental considerations of a variety of projects they will build. Observations of architecture will inspire questions in history, geometry, and social justice.

Focus Week: Philosophy and Social Justice Dates: TBA
Its not just talk. Understanding how we know things, and how to discuss them, leads to a far kinder world where students are empowered to make a difference.

Focus Week: World Music Dates: TBA
Students will explore a variety of instruments from around the world leading to a final concert with all the participants. No musical experience is required, but it is certainly welcomed.