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Day Class Program

Our day program will offer full time curriculum for grades 3 to 12 delivered in a way you’ve never seen before. Besides doing our best to fulfill or exceed the provincial requirements throughout the year, out students will go far beyond in their exploration, their commitment, their personal development and their excitement about learning.

Highlights of our Day Class Program:

  • Full Liberal Arts Curriculum plus enrichment
  • Integrated subject and grades
  • Frequent relevant field trips and guest speakers
  • Student and family centered planning
  • Nutrition, hot lunch and health program
  • Support for ADHD, written output issues, and other special needs
  • Innovative Arts Curriculum
  • Proprietary Math-Waves Program
  • Cultural Safety and multicultural perspective
  • Citizenship and community building projects
  • Individualized program for ever student

If you’re looking for something better than what you’re getting somewhere else, book an appointment to discuss it with us now, before the spaces are all filled up.