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Avante Creative Lateral Thinking Club

Let’s get a group of students participating in this AMAZING international learning activity.

Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination are two large international organizations with strong local ties that promote Creative Lateral Thinking Contests. Using engineering, roleplaying, creative writing, lateral thinking, improvisational theatre, story telling, logical problem solving, long term planning and some good old trial and error, participants will work to solve a variety of challenges which require more than one way of thinking to overcome. This is one of the most entertaining, exciting, and educational activities we have ever witnessed.

We will join Either OM or DI in the fall depending on the number of students that are interested and their preference. We have space for up to 14 students (two teams) that will meet at times mutually arranged by participants and parents.

If you know about this, you don’t need to hear any more from us to know how exciting and energizing this is for students. If you haven’t seen it before — you’re in for a huge burst of excitement. It’s an amazing gift that you will want your young family member to experience.

We also have a related Summer Adventure scheduled if you can’t wait to get started.

We believe that this is so important and beneficial that if you don’t want to part of our team, we’ll help you find another one near you.

Contact us to find an OM or DI team!

Where will your imagination take you?