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For Parents

Our new campus for grade 2 to 12 students is opening beautiful Grandview area of East Vancouver. Fall Courses are now accepting registration.

Course Content
Our programs are designed to exceed ministry standards by using innovative strategies in every subject. Enrichment and acceleration will be available for students within their areas of strength, but flexibility is built in to accommodate those subjects outside of each student’s main areas of strength. A full range of academic, social, athletic, and artistic goals will be met by all students to the level of their ability. For more information on our full time fall programs click here or check here for prices.

The Raven’s Wing
We are currently developing a First Nations Advisory Board to ensure that our school mirrors the welcome of those who welcomed Europeans to their traditional land. We seek to incorporate aboriginal insights, methodologies, culture, and history into our
curriculum for all students. Please contact us if you have a suggestion, or would like to know more about this program.

More information on The Raven’s Wing program.

Daily Nutrition
Parents and students will participate in a program to make nutritious food for the whole group. Lunch is a credit course including parts of food-safe, nutrition, volunteer hours, physical education, and cooking. Close supervision will ensure dietary requirements are accommodated.