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Learning Environment

Avante School can offer you:

Peer Power
Peer group is everything. When incredible is normal, anything can happen. No one will be teased for their unusual insights. Imagine if your crazy ideas gave your classmates even more ideas…that’s peer power.

Subject Integration
Subject integration to allow you to use your strengths to boost your mark in other subjects and see how everything is related. It also reduces the number of times you have to do the same kind of thing for more than one class! Do you feel like singing your English homework, making a movie for Math credit, or getting your Grandfather to tell one of his favorite stories for your History assignment? Imagine there are no boundaries…that’s subject integration.

Grade Integration
Grade level integration allows you to zoom ahead in subjects where you “get it”, without having to miss part of a term “skipping” other important material. This technique also reduces the times when you are forced to review something you already know well. Plus it still allows you to review earlier ideas and learning if you need it. This technology has taken years to develop and exists in this form only at Avante. Imagine you only have to do the assignments that help you learn…that’s grade integration.

Real Life Learning
Frequent field trips and guest speakers put you in contact with the real thing and the real experts. Why read about it in an over-edited text book when you can actually be learning from reality? Imagine you are not in school — imagine you’re really there. That’s real life learning.

Reshaped Assessment
Discussions, games, and performances will be as much part of the evaluation as written tests. Imagine tests were fun, and didn’t make you nervous any more. That’s reshaping assessment.

True Diversity
More than just tolerance, we believe in respect for cultural diversity. With student and parent input into most projects, learning about culture means learning about your culture, and the culture of your friends and peers. Imagine that learning was relevant to your life and history…that’s true diversity.