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Financial Aid

Since our very first meeting, the original society has unanimously agreed that ALL students have a right to get an excellent education. This was reflected in our mission statement and our constitution. Since the very beginning, we have tried to ensure that financial need is NOT a barrier to success, even though this school is independent of the pubic school system and depends, in part, on tuition fees for its operational costs.

We have deliberately set aside a number of need-based bursaries as well as a number of ability-based scholarships every year to support students who would benefit from our programs. Furthermore, we are committed to making the application process as painless as possible. Students and families may apply for both a bursary and a scholarship.


Your ability to plan ahead helps our ability. For early birds only, we are offering a special discount to encourage early registration by May 7. Local students who register for fall 2019 before May 1, 2019, will pay only HALF PRICE. All other discounts and financial aid are still available. Our amazing guarantee and refund policy are still in effect. Hurry and take advantage of this nearly no-risk deal.


Financial support is available each year on a purely need-defined basis. Each family requesting financial aid is requested to make an application in writing to our selection committee. All items which might identify the recipient are removed from the application so that the committee made up of scholarship funders can choose how do distribute their donations amongst the recipients. Recipients may receive partial or full support of their tuition fees depending on the number of applicants, and the strength of their application. The committee may ask for verification of any of the claims made in the application. There is no application form. The application is a short letter which need not reveal any information that the applicant is uncomfortable revealing. The classroom teacher will not know which students are receiving funding unless the teacher is also one of the donors. Funded students will never be identified in any way, nor treated differently than any other student

The application letter should:

  1. Be ONE page
  2. Include reasons for choosing Avante School
  3. Include Reasons that financial aid is needed
  4. Include any non-financial support that the parent(s) are willing to offer the school
  5. Be received by August 1 to give the committee time to deliberate.

Late applications will be considered up until September 20 if the funds are not already dispersed to other applicants.


As this school is specifically designed for students with gifts in one or more areas, we want to attract the most gifted students we can find to take advantage of our unique programs. As with the bursaries, the scholarships will be decided by a committee of donors who will not be aware of the identity of the possible recipients. To apply for a scholarship, please submit a letter from the parent or guardian, and a paragraph typed by the student by August 1 to allow time for fair decision.

Application should include:

  1. Observations about student, and how you know he or she is gifted
  2. TWO Previous report cards (this is not a determining factor, but may help us gage the interests the student)
  3. A paragraph typed by the student (or in the student’s words) about what they expect Avante can do for them

Also check out our $1000 scholarships still available for Screen Free Week.

All submissions can be sent to us  by email. Please include a note with student’s and guardians’ names addresses and phone numbers (these will not be given to the selection committee but will help us contact you with your financial reward). Currently there are more donors than recipients so your odds are good. Apply before August 1 to ensure that you get a scholarship!

Please feel free to contact us to get more details. We are happy to help.


If you wish to contribute to our scholarship or bursary fund, there are a variety of ways you can help.