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Enjoy learning with us!

If you remember a time when your child enjoyed learning and was excited to go to school, a time when discovery was joy and new ideas were for exploring, and a time when you were amazed at how fast your child could learn…

Avante School is a place where that time will happen again.

We are currently accepting students in grades 2 to 12 and their families who would enjoy:

  • special programs for imaginative students
  • combined subjects allowing for large multi-subject programs
  • custom tailored programs for each student
  • the freedom to advance more quickly in one or more subjects
  • rigorous programs that exceed ministry standards

At Avante School, we believe that school should offer:

  • regular nutrition, culture and activity breaks
  • frequent field trips and guest speakers
  • the opportunity to get credit for  projects in the community
  • parent and community elder involvement
  • the feeling that school work is connected to real life

Avante School is founded upon a culture of diversity recognizing the backgrounds of all students including local aboriginal communities. We are pleased to offer regular classes, evening programs, and summer camps for groups and individuals who are ready to benefit from what Avante offers.