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End of Year Update!

We are currently working on updated and refreshing the schools website.  Stay tuned for all the news … [Read more...]

Celebration of Learning

Join us for out first celebration learning in this new campus. Its an Open house, its a … [Read more...]


Last Friday I spent some time watching our honey bees. How tirelessly they work together ... then … [Read more...]

Food for Thought

I just came home from celebrating my daughter's 18th birthday. She had a couple of sayings that I … [Read more...]

Blogger’s Note: La

Hello all, and welcome to the Avante Blog I didn't realize so many people were subscribing to … [Read more...]

Avenir School – Hives for Humanity

  Now Avenir Students and staff have partnered with Hives for Humanity. "Hives" seeks to … [Read more...]

Health & Nutrition – Ants on a Log, Mini-Pizzas, and Baked Cinnamon Apple

One of the best ways to encourage your children to eat healthy is to make fun, healthy snacks with … [Read more...]

Origami and Interdisciplinary Learning — Part 2

Here's the hotly anticipated final part of our Origami and Interdisciplinary Learning series! In … [Read more...]

Origami and Inderdisciplinary Learning – Part 1

Origami is a great craft to do together with your children. It can act as a means to teach them … [Read more...]