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Blogger’s Note: La

Hello all, and welcome to the Avante Blog

I didn’t realize so many people were subscribing to this blog. Thank you all – I am flattered. Hope you haven’t been waiting too long for me to say something pithy. I guess sometimes I can be a blabbermouth in person – once you get me started – but I haven’t yet developed the knack of screaming random thoughts into the void.

In short then, I promise not to waste your time with inane ramblings, but I’d be happy to answer or comment on:

  • any ideas or questions any of you have about education in general,
  • education for gifted students and/or students with varying needs,
  • or about Avante School in particular.

Please let me know what you’re hoping to hear, and I’ll be happy to fill in where my thoughts are relevant.

The link here from the Avante School website is called “Agora” which implies that I shouldn’t be the only one talking.



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