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Screen Free Week

Avante School is proud to endorse Screen Free Week.

We are (still) currently offering FIVE $1000 scholarships to students currently in grades 4 to 12 who submit an interesting paragraph about what they did during Screen-Free Week without their electronic devices. At least one scholarship will be granted for each grade. The beauty is, that you can pick your own week … as long as you do not use any devices with electronic screens during that week.


  1. The paragraph is about: What I did during Screen Free Week without my electronics.
  2. Student must have participated in Screen Free Week by making a drastic reduction in screen time for the whole week.
  3. Paragraph must be in the student’s own words.
  4. The most interesting paragraph wins, not always the most interesting activity.
  5. The scholarship prizes are redeemable only at Avante School, but can be transferred to another potential student.
  6. Scholarship does not guarantee admittance to the school, but it sure helps.
  7. Have fun.

There are two ways to submit your paragraph. You can use our contact form and put “Screen Free Week” as your subject. Be sure to put down your name, a valid email address and a phone number so we can reach you if you win. Alternately, feel free to email Mr. Hamm at [email protected] with your paragraph either as an attachment or on the body of the email. Remember to include your contact details on your email so we can let you know if you win.

For more information about Screen Free Week you can check out their website:
Screen Free Week

Here are some activities you might try:
Make sock Monkeys
Fly a kite
Play a board game with friends and/or family
Go for a walk
Take some photos or draw a picture
Make up a song
Do your homework (if you’re really, really, really bored)
Play a roleplaying game IN PERSON
Write a play or a movie
Build something out of ANYTHING
Learn how to cook something from a relative
Visit someone you haven’t seen for a while
Ride a bike
Visit a beach or a forest
Go to a quiet place and sit by yourself for 30 minutes
Read a book
Play an outdoor game with a group of 5-10 people
Go to a museum or art gallery
Go swimming or skating
Look at interesting houses in your neighbourhood
Get some extra sleep
Climb a tree (if its safe)
Lie on the grass and watch the clouds
Create a puppet show
Make a list of things to do for Screen Free Week

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