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Avenir School – Hives for Humanity


Now Avenir Students and staff have partnered with Hives for Humanity. “Hives” seeks to improve the East Van community through apiculture. Avenir School has agreed to host two beehives to help the neighbourhood flowers and vegetables bloom more fully, as well as to raise money for scholarships and other community projects.

Skep Candle

To pay for the hives, we have been making and selling the most amazing beeswax candles. These, being entirely beeswax, are hypoallergenic, naturally honey-scented, and give the most wonderful warm yellow light. Like most people, I am allergic to paraffin and never thought I would enjoy burning candles so much. If you are interested, we have 12 varieties of candles available at various prices and will happily make a custom order just for you.

Beeswax Candles

Meanwhile, Avenir School students get a chance to keep their hands productive and busy between classes, learn about business and cost accounting, develop an interest in urban agriculture and apiculture, and most importantly, build a sense of ownership of their learning environment and the larger community around us.