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Origami and Interdisciplinary Learning — Part 2

Here’s the hotly anticipated final part of our Origami and Interdisciplinary Learning series! In this installment we’ll learn how to make an origami heart.

Origami Heart

  1. Colour side up fold in half to form a rectangle and then open back up.
  2. Bring in the edges on both sides to the center as shown.

3. Fold up each corner of the paper to make a large triangle as shown. Repeat on all corners.

4. Fold in edges to the point shown. Unfold again just these edges.

5. Fold in each corner to make tiny triangles as shown.

6. Take the piece of paper by the four corners and bring in to create the heart shape and press flat. (You might need to help your kids do this part as it’s a bit tricky).

7. Create two small triangles on each side of the heart as shown.

8. Inverse fold in these two triangles.

9. Open up the top of the heart and fold in the points

10. Close top of the heart and press flat.

For further Origami projects see the following books that can be found through the Vancouver Public Library system:

  • –  Amazing Origami by Kunihiko Kasahara, Call # 754.54 K191a
  • –  Origami by Rick Beech, Call # 745.54 B41o
  • –  Origami: Fun With Paper Folding by Atsuko Nakata, Call # J745.54 N16o

If you choose to fold paper cranes with your children, you might want to read together “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” by Eleanor Coerr. The book is appropriate for anywhere between Grades 2 – 6 and follows the story of a little girl with leukemia in Hiroshima post- WWII. She decides to fold 1000 paper cranes as, according to Japanese legend, it will prompt the gods to make her well again.

In order to use Origami to introduce math concepts to your children, you might want to check out the following books:

  • –  Origami Math by Karen Baicker, Call # J372.7 B15oa
  • –  Roses, Origami, and Math by Toshikazu Kawasaki, Call # 745.54 K22r
  • –  Math in Motion: Origami in the Classroom by Barbara Erica Pearl, Call # J372.7 P35m